[SAN Midorino Children’s Club] 🍂 🍀 after-school 🍀


[SAN Midorino Children’s Club] 🍂
🍀 after-school 🍀

Today was a wonderful weather . ☀️
According to the sayings, in the fall the appetite for eating and studying grows. I hope 🤞!

English for all:
• today’s date and time,
• activities and routines in English,
• Question words “5W + 1H” (Who, What, When, Where, Why + How),
• Halloween song.

English for the Silver group:
– Who is he?
He is my brother.
He is my father.
He is my grandfather.
– Who is she?
She is my sister.
She is my mother.
She is my grandmother.
– What’s your first name?
– What’s your last name?
– How old are you?
* Use “Interrogative Words” in sentences through reading, writing and speaking.

The sport of today: Golf. ⛳️

See you tomorrow!

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