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The operation of the academy is supported by your donations.

  • Creating an organizational system to make the activities of the academy smoother
  • Awareness of the academy-related philosophy and system, public relations activities to promote further activities
  • Holding study sessions / seminars and creating publications for everyone involved in the academy

Donations are accepted from 3,000 yen.

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We are looking for “supporting members” who can support the academy and its activities more actively as an organization. When you become an academy supporting member We will deliver an activity report and a newsletter containing the latest information on the academy.

Bank Account

【When transferring from the post office (Japan Post Bank)】

Account name: Tokuhi Sports Academy Nippon

【When transferring from a bank to a post office (Japan Post Bank)】

Financial institution code: 9900
Store number: 019
Bank name: Japan Post Bank
Event: For the time being
Branch name: 019 store (Zeroichikiyu store)
Account number: 0554319
Account name: Tokuhi) Sports Academy Nippon

【When transferring from bank to bank】

Financial institution code: 2101
Store number: 007
Bank name: Ibaraki Prefectural Credit Union
Branch name: Oho branch
Deposit type: Normal
Account number: 7573062
Account name: Tokuhi) Sports Academy Nippon President: Takuma Ishiwatari

Become Member

Become Member


Contact and Address

Sports Academy Nippon International

Takezono 3-18-2,
Takezono Shopping Center E-201,
SAN Work Space, Tsukuba City,
Ibaraki Prefecture,
Japan 305-0032


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