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「Laura is from Colombia. She came to the University of Tsukuba to study education. Her major is Math」

Comment: I volunteer for the Academy for around 6 months. As a foreigner teacher coming to Japan for the first time, it was a very good opportunity to interact with students and learn from their culture. It was the first space where I could see Japanese students in their own environment, I was always very happy helping them with English and also I had the opportunity to practice my Japanese and everything I was learning in my teacher training. I was always very welcomed by Tanya, the other coaches and of course, the students. I was able to share of my culture with the kids, to play with them and it all made me realize and confirm the reason why I chose to be a teacher.



「Jose is from El Salvador. He came to the University of Tsukuba to study education. His major is English education」



「From Republica Dominicana. She came to study her master degree at the University of Tsukuba.」

Comment: “The volunteer has been a rich experience to get to know the Japanese culture and have a good time with children. It is interesting to see how children feel confident and play with you, also get curious about your culture. If you are interested in education, it is also a good place to understand what they are learning at school, and also collaborate with their English learning. What I like the most about the program is knowing that I am representing my country and supporting inclusion and globalization”



「Yani is from The Philippines. She came to the University of Tsukuba to study sports for development. Her major is in sports and education」

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