The fee at the academy is not for “learning something”.
Academy is contributing to the society, therefore the fee is for supporting our activities to contribute to the society.
To summarize, while joining the Academy to practice sports, fitness and join our exchange events, you are contributing to the society while excercising.

Membership Fee

【Annual Fee】

Includes the insurance for all the year activities and the t-shirt


・Adults (Including high school students)


・Under junior highschool

Weekdays 3500Yen
Weekend 3500Yen

・After School Club Activities


*The price of Afterschool is different, please contact us

How to become a member

①Contact Us for a Free Trial Lesson
②Sign the contract
③Do the payment and account registration at Japan Bank
④Join our activities

Become Member

Become Member


Contact and Address

Sports Academy Nippon International

Takezono 3-18-2,
Takezono Shopping Center E-201,
SAN Work Space, Tsukuba City,
Ibaraki Prefecture,
Japan 305-0032


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