🎃🍂Hello from Takezono Sports Academy Afterschool 😀🍁🍂


🎃🍂Hello from Takezono Sports Academy Afterschool 😀🍁🍂
The weather was warm and nice today.
Today at Takezono as usual was gymnastics day, with lots of children taking part. 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️
We had three English lessons too.
Every day we wrote, read, sang and drew.
The theme of the lessons was autumn and Halloween.
Of course, each group had its own level of difficulty.
The Gold Group read quite long stories from the Scary book. 📖
The children played a lot both indoors and outdoors.
The day went by quickly.
Of course we cleaned the Space and Studio.
See you tomorrow!

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