Hello from Takezono Sports Academy Afterschool!☀️🍁🍂☀️🍁🍂☀️🍁


Hello from Takezono Sports Academy Afterschool!☀️🍁🍂☀️🍁🍂☀️🍁
Tuesday, November 22nd.
Today classes ended earlier than usual at all the schools, so we had plenty of time for everything. We were even able to make crafts, even though it wasn’t craft day.
The children went for walks in the Sun park and in the schoolyard, of course we have a rule that children who have finished everything go outside.
English today is three lessons as usual on Tuesdays.
🔰In Play in English class, the children sang and danced and wrote a worksheet.
🥈🥇The Silver and Gold groups, led by Karen Coach, repeated grammar and started repeating “winter” words.
Today was also a gymnastics lesson and we cleaned up the room like we do on Friday, which means we put away all the tables, chairs and computers.
See you next time!
Have a nice holiday!

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