Kurihara after school❄️


Kurihara after school❄️

Hi everyone! It was sunny, windy, and cold Tuesday.

Winter vacation is over, and the children’s routines went back to usual. Today at General English, we talked about the weather, date, year, and season. Using the verb (was, is, and will be). From today we have decided to practice speaking with the self-introduction theme as part of our General English. (My name is___. I am ___years old, My favorite color is ____.)

Today’s courses

🥉Bronze- Everyday things vocabulary.
Speaking practice (I have a ~, I don’t have a~)

🔰English Play- Learning Shapes and counting from 1-20.

After all the routines the children went to the playground to enjoy playing and joined futsal and badminton.

Well done kids!

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