[SAN Midorino] 🍀After-school children’s club🍀


[SAN Midorino]
🍀After-school children’s club🍀

A strong and cold wind blew today, raising clouds of dust. 💨
In the afternoon, however, the wind calmed down.
The children followed the steps of the daily plan conscientiously. 🤘

✨ Today’s after-school activities were Silver Group English Class and Sports Games. ✨

🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🥈
Only half of the Silver group children attended the class, but we continued the lesson as usual.
Our topic today was “Phonics – short and long vowels” :
• demonstration,
• practice,
• reading,
• identification of short and long vowels in the sentences
• knowledge test.
🌟 In general English, in addition to today’s date and weather, children named fruits as singular and plural nouns.

Sports Games. Children played in the Square under the guidance of coach Tsuchiya.

See you next time! Goodbye 👋

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