🍀 [SAN MIDORINO, children’s club] 🍀 🌸Spring break🌸


🍀 [SAN MIDORINO, children’s club] 🍀

🌸Spring break🌸

Spring break has started. Hooray!✨

Today was a hectic day, a day full of things to do.
In the morning, after we finished the Academy routines, the children played outdoors in the square, then we went to buy the necessary things for the party.
Our program did not miss even “home time,” where the children played with their devices.
The afternoon activities were as follows: English class for the Bronze group and the Sports Games.

🎶 🎊 Today, we had a “fun party” planned. 👐

The children organized themselves very well.
They decided on the scenography of the party. First, they chose the things to do and then the necessary materials.
The games list included the newspaper game, what’s in the box? and watermelon split. More games were postponed due to a lack of time.
It seems that the newspaper game has been top-rated. It was the longest-played game.

The children received a special snack plus the everyday snacks too.
Lucky day!

We will have an unforgettable spring break!
Stay tuned and follow us!
See you!

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