SAN Midorino – children’s club 🌸 Spring break🌸


SAN Midorino – children’s club
🌸 Spring break🌸

It is the second day that the Midorino Club welcomes so many children.
Already slowly, everyone is starting to understand what the Academy’s routines are and the sequence of each one.
There is still much free time, and few children have homework.
Therefore playing games, even indoors, even outdoors, was the pastime of most of them.
Play Tag, jump rope, do rallies, and frisbee games were a few of today’s games.

Today’s Silver group English class was about the final “y” sound.
Sky, fly, cry, my, by, fry, July, etc., make the sound “i.” They are short words with only one syllable.
Baby, crazy, lazy, many, etc., make the sound “long e.” They are words with more than one syllable.
With this, we have concluded Unit 6 of the book English Time 3.

See you tomorrow!

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