🎏【SAN Midorino Children’s Club 】🎏 🍀afterschool🍀


🎏【SAN Midorino Children’s Club 】🎏

It was a sunny Tuesday. ☀️
First graders have progressed a lot from their inception till now. 👏
Some second graders can do multiplication calculations, so they received a sheet of 100 multiplication squares. 💯 👏👏👏
Today was the day for the English language course for the Silver Group and Sports Games.

🌎 English for all.
Prepositions of place: in, under, on, between, in front of, back to, near, next to.

🥈The Silver group was tasked with reading, translating, and doing worksheets on the “family” topic.

The children had enough free time. They socialize by playing different games. The excellent harmony between them keeps them happily close in friendship.
Spending peaceful days and helping each other for Midorino’s children is part of their ikigai (reason to live).

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