【SAN Midorino Children’s Club 】 🍀 afterschool 🍀


【SAN Midorino Children’s Club 】
🍀 afterschool 🍀

Hello everyone.
Today was a hectic day.
Having Gymnastics class in the middle of the week forces us to put away tables and chairs while there are still children with homework to finish.

The “Play in English” course is also challenging to manage.
There are 19 subscribers. The difficulty lies in the number of children, their age, and their level of knowledge. We do our best to follow the lesson by dividing the participants into two groups.

In the late afternoon, the sky was a show of warm colors. The sunset was fabulous.
The children played happily. They received an extra smile from the three dogs that their owners brought to the Square. How many caresses did the dogs receive from the children in the yellow T-shirts?

Every step of today’s routines and activities was completed.
What kind of day will it be tomorrow?

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