💚Hello from Takezono Sports Academy Afterschool kid’s club!💚


💚Hello from Takezono Sports Academy Afterschool kid’s club!💚

Thusday, September 7th.
The weather has been wonderful today.☀️
It looks like the heat wave is ending.
Tomorrow we are expecting a typhoon 🌀and all school classes will end early.
That means the kids will be here earlier than usual.
Today is badminton and track and field day in Takezono SAN.🏃‍♂️🏸
The English lessons went on as planned.
The topics were Colors and Animals.
The English Asobi kids did funny exercises, rebuses and crossword puzzles.
Children from the Silver group repeated verb tenses and did Eiken level 3 test.
As usual we ended the day by cleaning up and watching cartoons.

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