🎍Hello everyone from Takezono SAN Afterschool kid’s Club 🎍


🎍Hello everyone from Takezono SAN Afterschool kid’s Club 🎍
Happy New Year!
Today is the first day at children’s club in 2024🌅⛩️
We started with a Happy New Year greetings!
The long winter vacation is coming to an end.
Today we played outside at the school playground 🏫
Today was English, track and field, and badminton🏸 day at Takezono SAN.
In English class, we repeated the verbs of motion. 🦥🏃‍♂️🚶‍♂️🪁
There were not many participants.

We are looking forward to doing it with a lot of lively people after the winter break♪

See you tomorrow!

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