💜Hello from Takezono SAN Afterschool Kids Club!💜


💜Hello from Takezono SAN Afterschool Kids Club!💜
February 13th
🎊💜Our Valentine’s party in Takesono was absolutely delightful! 💜Hosting it at both Space and the Studio added a unique touch.
Crafting origami hearts and decorating wish envelopes with hearts must have been a charming and creative activity.
The special Valentine’s snacks 🍫 🍬 brimming with chocolates and assorted treats, sounds like a true feast for the senses. It’s great to hear that the atmosphere was lively and filled with fun. And it’s commendable that, despite the inevitable mess from candy wrappers and such, you all took care to clean up thoroughly. It truly seems like it was a memorable and joyous celebration!

See you tomorrow!

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