🍀SAN Midorino – Children’s Club🍀 🌸Afterschool🌸


🍀SAN Midorino – Children’s Club🍀

As the saying goes, ‘after rain comes sunshine’. ☀️🎵
After a day of rain, we had a warm and sunny Wednesday. It was an opportunity for some to take photos to commemorate the Entrance Ceremony.

How was your first day of school? 😊
It was a bit long, but I liked the lunch. 🤘✨

The first graders had no homework, so they received a worksheet from Coach Aurora. 📖

The afterschool club activities were English (for the Gold Group) and Gymnastics.

Newcomers to the club also participated in the gymnastics class. 🤸

With the thought and hope that tomorrow will be a fruitful day with beautiful weather, we wish you a pleasant rest!
See you tomorrow! 👋

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