Takexono SAN Afterschool Kids Club


Takexono SAN Afterschool Kids Club Wednesday Activity Report
June 26th

🌤☀️Weather Update:☀️🌤
Today was hot and humid.🥵 Remember to drink plenty of water and wear caps and towels to stay cool.

🇬🇧🇬🇧English for All:🇬🇧🇬🇧
We planned a fun party, sang songs, and talked about wish lists of Star 🌟 festival.

🥈🇬🇧English in Space and Studio:🇬🇧🥈
Two groups worked on interactive and creative language activities. Each group worked on different activities aimed at enhancing their language skills through interactive and creative tasks.

🏸 Badminton 🏸 at Kurihara gym.
It is very hot, don’t forget to bring 💧 water bottle and towel.

Children enjoyed various track and field activities, promoting fitness and teamwork.
beautiful Japanese culture

Games on the playground and indoors with building blocks.

Everyone helped tidy up, fostering responsibility and teamwork.

Thanks to all for a productive and enjoyable day despite the heat. Stay hydrated!
See you tomorrow!

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