Hello from Takezono Sports Academy Afterschool!🌧🍂🍁☔🌧🍂🍁☔🌧🍂🍁☔


Hello from Takezono Sports Academy Afterschool!🌧🍂🍁☔🌧🍂🍁☔🌧🍂🍁☔
Tuesday, November 29th.
Today the weather was changeable: cloudy and rainy. ☁️🌧
The children did not play in the schoolyard, but we had a lot of active activities that do not depend on the weather, such as badminton🏸 or gymnastics.🤸‍♂️
In English class we started the theme of the Winter, New Year and Christmas. We chose the songs we would learn.
With the elementary group children we learned winter words, like snowflake ❄, reindeer 🦌
The Silver group kids learned two new songs and complete the sentences and Gold Group kids wrote the letter to Santa Claus 🧑‍🎄.

See you tomorrow.

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