☔❄Hello everyone from Takezono Sports Academy Afterschool!❄️☔💦


☔❄Hello everyone from Takezono Sports Academy Afterschool!❄️☔💦
Thursday, December 1st
The winter season has started from today and it was really cold and gloomy day.
After finishing homework and every day routine 📢💯📚🖥 kids played outside at the school playground until rain had been started.
Thursday as usual the Shougi day and many kids joined Japanese chess lesson.♟
Some kids went to Kurihara for badminton 🏸lesson.
We begin our English lessons by talking about new month and new season.
The children learned new Winter and Christmas words.
The Play in English Group kids wrote one sheet and sang the Christmas songs 🎵 🎄
The 🥈Silver Group kids studied orders:
Write this down.
Repeat after me.
Raise your hand.
They also sang Christmas 🎄 songs.
The 🥇Gold Group kids talked about World Soccer ⚽️ Cup and made their prognosis.
Which team do you think will win 🏆?
Of course Japan will win!!

Because of the rainy the weather children enjoyed playing inside with blocks and watching 👀 TV.

Tsuchiya, Elena, Kikkawa, Anabelle and Kuriyama coaches.

See you tomorrow!

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