Kurihara afterschool❄️


Kurihara afterschool❄️

Hi everyone! It was a gloomy and cold Tuesday!

Another day of English learning! The topic was the names of the eight planets in English. ~Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Plus trivia questions; What is the hottest Planet? What is the largest? What is the coldest? Which planet do we live on? The topic was interesting for children.

English courses;

🔰English Play learned CVC words (pan, man, ran, van, fan) and Vowels with vocabulary.

🥉Bronze also had a CVC worksheet and an Object Pronoun (me, you, it, her, him, us, them) worksheet.

The athletics were canceled due to the not favorable outside condition. The children stayed indoors and enjoyed playing.

Good job everyone👍

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