Kurihara afterschool❄️


Kurihara afterschool❄️

Hi everyone! It was sunny and cold Tuesday🌞

The children came to the Academy as usual with lots of energy to do the everyday task. The English lesson was watching a short story about Santa Claus and trivia questions were asked. What kind of person is Santa Claus? Where does Santa Claus live? What is the name of Santa Claus? What does Santa Claus give to the children on Christmas day? The topic was exciting for the children and they were very participative.

🔰English Play- we did craft using origami paper. We did the star with different colors. It’s a fun way to learn basic colors while making something for Christmas.

After all the routines, the children joined badminton and athletics.

It was another exciting, full of a learning-and fun day for children. Good job everyone!

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