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Kurihara Afterschool❄️

Hi everyone! It was rainy, cloudy, and cold Thursday!

It’s almost Winter break, the children are looking forward to it. They followed the daily routines and English phrases were used accordingly. The English lesson was talking about the date, month, weather and season. We also had an announcement about the Christmas Party and everyone was excited. They also sang the song “We wish you a Merry Christmas”.

🔰English Play- while learning the basic colors, the children made a Christmas star in different colors using origami papers. They were happy with this kind of activity. They also learned “big please, small please” when asked to cut a double-sided tape.

Due to the rain, the children were not able to play outside but they enjoyed the indoor play. Some children joined badminton at the gym.

Christmas is coming! Advance “Merry Christmas” to everyone!

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