🍀 [SAN Midorino – children’s club] 🍀 🍀 afterschool 🍀 ̖́-


🍀 [SAN Midorino – children’s club] 🍀
🍀 afterschool 🍀 ̖́-

— What did I miss? Is it by any chance summer already? It was too hot today! ☀️🔥
I sweated walking from school to the kids club and I sweated playing Tag with my friends in the Square.
I ran out of water and had to refill my water bottle.
I moved my body while running.
Even after cleaning the workspace I went out to continue playing. When Aurora coach plays 鬼👹, playing 鬼ごっこ(Tag) is much more fun. 🤣

🌎 English for everyone.
📌Today’s weather.
📌The date of today.
📌The magic words:
•Thank you.
•Excuse me.
•I’m sorry.
📌Lifesaving expressions :
•Slowly, please!
•One more time, please!
•What does it mean?

🌎🥈English for the Silver group.
The final “s” sound was today’s argument.

Tomorrow we are going to spend another beautiful day together.
See y’all! 👋

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