[SAN Midorino – children’s club] 🍀 afterschool 🍀 🎏


[SAN Midorino – children’s club]
🍀 afterschool 🍀 🎏

Tuesday, April 25th, was a gloomy day. ☁️
After the kids finished doing the Academy routines, they went outside. But they couldn’t play outdoors much because of the rain. ☔️
There was a small shower, enough to send everyone into the workspace. 🌧
Someone won a snack with the best score in calculating 100 math squares. 💯🥨

The Silver group had an English lesson. With only 2 kids out of a total of 3, we moved on to the next unit titled “In the State Park”.
The children learned the following words: grass, sand, snow, wildlife, trail/trails, tree/trees, mountain/mountains, river/rivers.
The children in the Silver group played two different conversations and did two worksheets.

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