【SAN Midorino Children’s Club 】 🍀 afterschool 🍀


【SAN Midorino Children’s Club 】
🍀 afterschool 🍀

🌞☀️🏀 Tuesday Fun in the Sun! ☀️🏀🌞 Today was a hot day, although not as scorching as yesterday. The children were full of joy as they played Sports Games in the Square, embracing the summer vibes! 🥵🏖️

But that’s not all! On the left wall, a mesmerizing sight awaited everyone—a glimpse of the upcoming Tanabata SAN Art Gallery. The wall will soon be adorned with the amazing artwork created by our talented children. Their faces lit up with surprise and excitement as they saw their drawings hanging proudly. 🎨✨

In our English lesson, we focused on practical sentences that empower children to express themselves. “May I borrow a/an ______?” and “May I use _______?” were our key phrases of the day, enabling them to confidently communicate their needs. We also explored shapes, colors, seasons, months, the date, and weather—building a well-rounded foundation of English knowledge. 📚🌈

Let’s dive into the highlights of our two Silvers English lessons! 🥈

Silver group 1 embarked on a Review assignment, reinforcing their skills and putting them into practice through engaging activities. They also delved into the art of telephone conversations, honing their communication prowess. 📞💬

Silver group 2 had an exciting lesson exploring words starting with “fl,” “pl,” and “sl.” They expanded their vocabulary and had a blast learning about new words with these fantastic letter combinations. 📚🔤

As the clock strikes 6 o’clock, we begin tidying up our workspace, ensuring it’s clean and ready for our next adventure. See you soon! 👋✨

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