✨ Today at SAN MIDORINO children’s club ! ✨☀️


✨ Today at ’ SAN MIDORINO children’s club! ✨☀️

Phew! It was a scorching day today. Walking under the blazing sun without UV ray protection was quite a challenge. Remember to take care and avoid heat strokes!

Our day started with our familiar routine, “I put my T-shirt on,” and continued with the Academy’s engaging activities.

We kicked off with an English lesson for everyone. Today, we practiced useful sentences in our workspace, such as:
– May I borrow _____? (Stationery)
– Can I use _____? (Stationery)
– I hurt my ____. (Body Parts)

In the Bronze group English lesson, we built upon the previous lesson. Today, the children practiced the target language they learned. They had fun asking, “How many?” and using numbers and plural nouns.

We witnessed incredible progress among some of the kids. Some bravely came forward to write exercise answers on the board, while others are still exploring and searching. Every step forward is worth celebrating!

After our productive sessions, we made sure to tidy up our space. Then, we relaxed and enjoyed some TV time together.

Wishing you all the best! Stay tuned for more updates. Take care and see you soon!

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