📷 A Hot Day of Fun at SAN Midorino Children’s Club! ☀️🌈


📷 A Hot Day of Fun at SAN Midorino Children’s Club! ☀️🌈

Hello there! Today was a scorching hot day too! 🔥 But that didn’t stop us from having an amazing time at the club. In the afternoon, we finally got a chance to head out to the Square and play. It was worth the wait!

We followed our routines and carried out all the planned activities. Let’s take a peek at what went down today:

**English for everyone:** We delved into colors, spatial concepts like “on the left side,” “on the right side,” and “in the middle.” We even played a lively game of mimicking actions in English. It was a blast! 🌈🙌

**Silver Group 1 English Lesson:** Our Silver Group 1 dove into the present continuous tense. We tackled questions, formed sentences, and crafted answers using the present continuous. We explored how regular verbs change, and we created a timeline to display the ongoing actions. 📚🔍🗓️

**Silver Group 2 English Lesson:** Our Silver Group 2 had their first encounter with the past tense of regular verbs. We started with the regular forms and transitioned from the present continuous to the past tense. We emphasized the flow of actions and the addition of “ed” at the end of regular verbs when talking about completed actions. It was an exciting journey of language learning! 📝✨🕰️

Due to the scorching weather, most of our playtime today was indoors. But fear not, our children had a blast exploring various games like UNO, Dominoes, Chessboard games, Reverse game, Katanino game, and even Shogi (Japanese chess)! Fun and laughter filled the air! 🎲♟️

And, of course, we made sure to end the day with our cleaning time, leaving our space tidy and ready for tomorrow. 🧹✨

Thank you for joining us today! Take care, stay hydrated, and be mindful of the heat. See you all tomorrow for more exciting moments! 💦☀️

With warm regards,
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