【SAN Midorino Children’s Club 】 🍀 afterschool 🍀


【SAN Midorino Children’s Club 】
🍀 afterschool 🍀

“🌤️ Today, the sky gave us a break! The temperatures dropped, and it was like a cool breeze hugged us all. The kiddos at SAN Midorino celebrated by unleashing their energy after homework. 😅💨

Thursday is our day of fun-filled after-school activities! The Bronze group delved into English with the verb “to be” and mastered expressing their feelings and emotions. Happy, sad, hungry… they covered it all! 📚🗣️

Meanwhile, the Foot Race had everyone racing like cheetahs! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

After the club program, we transformed the workspace into a fitness haven! We cleared tables and chairs, making the floor shine like a disco ball.💃✨

Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow! Remember to keep your health in check and your smiles sparkling. Tomorrow’s just a dream away! 😄✨ Bye bye for now! 👋💤

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