🧡🍁Hello from Takezono Sports Academy Afterschool kid’s club!🍁🧡


🧡🍁Hello from Takezono Sports Academy Afterschool kid’s club!🍁🧡

Thursday, October 12th

It was a nice autumn day 🌥🍂
We had a certain number of children absent due to flu illness.
The children who were healthy, were energetic, joyful and full of vigor!
Today’s General English
✅Date, Weather, Seasons, Months
✅Halloween 🎃 words, songs and dances
✅ English sentence construction rules, the main differences in word order between English and Japanese. ( for 3rd-6th graders)

After finishing homework and other routine, the children practiced English with Elena coach
(two lesson) and track and field with Okada coach.

In English class we did many useful exercises, including a test on the use of past tense verbs.

As usual we finished the day by cleaning Space and Studio and watching cartoons.

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