SAN MIDORINO after school


SAN MIDORINO after school

It was a beautiful Tuesday with excellent weather. ☀️
Everyone showed their happiness at finishing their homework in a hurry. The cue was “outdoor sports games and playing with peers”.
— “Coach, I finished my homework and practiced Pegasus; I have nothing to do. I wish to go outside!”
And just like that, it was done!

On Tuesdays, the English classes are for Groups Silver 1 and Gold.

The Silver group has to work on exercises about demonstrative pronouns.
The Gold Group, on the other hand, moved on to learning the past tense – irregular verbs.
How do we properly use action words when we’re telling a story about something that happened?
The students had understood how regular verbs work, but the irregular verbs… ugh, they can be so annoying…

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